The Green Cure – 10 Green foods for thought – Week 1

So I started working for the European Green Party as Head of the Communications Unit. That came very unexpectedly, but so far I’m loving the experience!

Of course, part of job consist in monitoring what’s being said about us and the topics we work about. Obviously, there is a massive online buzz about climate change, and the environmental crisis.

I’ve decided to give a little try at this: collecting weekly 10 articles, videos, images, infographics, podcasts, tweets that I find relevant to inform the Green debate and sharing them here at the end of the week. The goal is mainly to trigger a bit the inner green activist in you, to get you all worked up and ready to act!

Quite some might be in French, but Google automated translation should do the work for most of them.

Week one is a test. Following ones will be hopefully sent as a Mailchimp Mailing. If you want to register to the mailing (one email per week – 10 news), click here.

1 – Climate Change in Norway – innovative journalistic approach (English, unique format)

An absolutely superb piece of innovative online journalism about climate change in Norway. Read it, let yourself drown in the photos and rejoice that some people are actually able to develop such piece of journalism.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 11.00.41

2 – Yanis Varoufakis’ Opinion in the Guardian and his not-so-positive view of the European Green Deal (English, short read)

The far left is also, understandably, trying to claim the Green narrative. Here’s there attempt at it. Varoufakis is bashing, with some reasonable arguments, the Green New deal recently proposed by the European Commission.

3 – Thought provoking lecture (French – 2 hours) by Jean-Marc Jancovici

Jean-Marc Jancovici is a French prominent figure in climate change discussion. He holds some controversial views as compared to the majority of the Green movement in particular regarding the use of nuclear energy.

4 – BP and Shell planning for catastrophic 5°C global warming despite publicly backing Paris climate agreement (English – Short read)

A quick article about what major fossil fuel companies are claiming to the public, and what their internal docs are saying.

5 – It wouldn’t be fun without a Big Oil shaming  (video, 1min, English)

Just to make it clear that it’s definitely not gonna be through their help that we’ll tackle the problem. Not judging, but their sole goal is to make as much as money as possible, as fast as possible, and that’s in direct contradiction with what the planet needs.

6 – ‘Overwhelming and terrifying’: the rise of climate anxiety (English – Short read)

A quick read about this growing concept of climate anxiety. How and why it affects young people.

7 – Leonardo Di Caprio’s Instagram Post about melting glaciers

Maybe it’s because I love hiking in mountains, but I always find the photos of melting glaciers the most impactful to understand the actual impact of climate change.

View this post on Instagram

From @yaleenvironment360: Using satellite data, scientists are documenting the inexorable melting of South America’s glaciers and ice fields. The findings are sobering: Ninety-eight percent of Andean glaciers have shrunk this century, losing an average of three feet in thickness a year since 2000. The area covered by glaciers in Peru, for example, shrank by nearly a third from 2000 to 2016. In the southern Andes, particularly in Patagonia, some glaciers have retreated 5.5 miles in the past century. This ice loss poses a threat to water supplies and agriculture from Bolivia to Chile. “The disappearance of glaciers will have an impact on the cities, but not just cities — locals, farmers, and people who do agriculture more broadly,” says one scientist. To read the full story, click the link in @yaleenvironment360’s bio. Reporting by Jonathan Moens. Photo credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

A post shared by Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) on

8 – Green Illusions Merchants in the Western world. (French – article – mid-length read)

Shall we listen to the mainstream voices of those who are still believing that we don’t need a profound system change but that we can fit a Green way of life in our current late stage capitalist system?

9 – The dawn of capitalism? even the World Economic Forum says it! (English, short read)

Okay, maybe not, but still worth checking the results of this survey regarding the perception of capitalism around the world.

10 – Europe’s Climate Hypocrisy (English, short-read)

Yes, the EU is trying to propose a European Green Deal. No a fancy title doesn’t make a sound climate emergency policy.


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